Twin Creek Endeavors

Twin Creek Endeavors LLC was created in 2009 to address various projects which fall outside of our core business.  As a music publisher for a prolific songwriter, we have been approached with music projects as well as non-music opportunities.  In 2009 we began perusing opportunities that did not fit well with the music publishing company.   Twin Creek Books is our first auxiliary branch of Twin Creek Endeavors.  We are currently working with two authors.  We anticipate publishing and distributing books in 2010.  We hope to establish additional divisions as time goes on and we branch out into other areas.  We plan to continue using the Twin Creek name for continuity.

Twin Creek Endeavors LLC is a visionary company that will grow with the individual interests of its members.  Since our roots are in music publishing we cannot leave the music business behind.  There will always be a link from a division of Twin Creek Endeavors, LLC back to the music business.

Our name comes from our conservation property in Tennessee which is bound on two sides by streams.  Twin Creek simply stuck as an obvious name for the property.  We decided to carry the name forward to the new company since the parallels exist between all of our companies.